A Perfect Insight Project

A Perfect Insight Project

On this page, we conceptualise our dream project.  

The ideology would be right

First up, aim for lofty heights. This insight project is about speaking truth to power. Insight will focus on improving value systems: things like social justice, cultural authenticity, narrative richness and stuff like that

Our roots would be in the past

Future trends are cool. But, right now, history is better. Get the balance right. The perfect insight project would recruit cultural archaeologists who would dig out usable pasts. Of course, this might mean disturbing the ghosts of a troubling past (we're looking at you HSBC)  

Get methodologically creative

Our perfect insight project would explore new ways of researching. Tap into ethnography, netnography, cultural cartography, new humanities, user journeys, emotional mapping, coolhunting, creative coding, immersive debriefs, psychogeography, digital safaris, culture jamming, visual cultures, urban asset mapping, cognitive design, data science, applied art theory, international comparison, depth interviewing, research communities, online focus groups... check out our methods page for more

Give it a soundtrack

Movies have a soundtrack, so why wouldn't insight projects? This is about creating an atmosphere. On a basic level, this might be a Spotify playlist. But we're aiming at perfect: so we would engage struggling musicians and sound artists to mix, record and hit us in the way that only music can. This auido might be played during workshops, when starting a presentation, or provided as a background accompaniment whilst people peruse a report

Chat to poets

Why aren't poets brought into organisations more often? They have a power of prophecy to make futurists tremble. These are the custodians of epiphany, brevity and urgency and they would be given their rightful space

Connect passion and prose

Poets - as well as writers, artists and philosophers - burn with a vitality that the perfect insight project needs. But this passion must meet the prosaic/practical realm of the scientist, engineer and economist. Connect the two, and both shall be exalted

Visual identity

Engaging an illustrator to create beautiful diagrams of insight findings is one obvious thing to do. But, for a perfect insight project, you want to commission an artist to give the project a visual soul. In particular, engage an artivist who works with graffiti  

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll

Subcultures teach us a lot. Author of the novel Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, put it best:

"I'm always looking for 'fringe' culture, or communities, to see how people react to them, how they resonate for people. I'm looking for something that might be an improvement on what we have now"

From psychedelics to festivals, ayahuasca, sex positivity, cyborgism, punk, ketamin, trap, grime, chemsex, cannabis, raving, S&M, and all the other varieties of deviance, taboo or hedonism can expose us to 1. new ways of seeing and 2. alternative cultural logics. Our perfect insight project would not be afraid of the fringe, but only used when necessary

Combine qual and quant

Qualitative research (words, pictures etc) and quantitative research (numbers, stat's etc) are temperamental bedfellows. Sometimes they get on, sometimes they don't. But both are valid: Isaac Newton figured out gravity using quant, and Charles Darwin spotted evolution using qual. Getting them to dance together is key

Create an interactive experience

It's nice to sit back and enjoy the show. But getting your audience to engage is better. You could create a game, a quiz, a performance, a mediation, an installation, a gallery, a video...

More coming soon...


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