Introducing Collective Dreaming

Introducing Collective Dreaming

'Collective Dreaming: reimaging design, money and cultures' is the second insight stream within InsightOS.

It will refresh our understanding of three significant and areas:

  • Design: a form of soft power
  • Money: a way to create social relationships
  • Cultures: a force of plurality  

In this newsletter we provide a reflection on the three key words that make up the title: 'collective', 'dreaming' and 'reimagine'


A collective refers to a group of people. But it implies more. It is a shared common purpose and a sense of co-created meaning. It requires us to sacrifice and share.

A collective is not a community. Collectives are more resilient.

Whilst communities can emerge and fall apart within a collective, the collective remains.

Collectives have an explicit purpose, whereas a community is something sensed. This shifts the focus from community ‘belonging’ to collectivist ‘collaboration’. There is direction and intention.

The focus of a collective is on the growth and agency of the individual, whereas communities ask people to sacrifice for something bigger than themselves. They do this by providing people with tools and resources.

This makes them competitive.

People can simply choose to join another collective. There isn’t the intensity of meaning that gives communities their stickiness. And in this sense, they echo market-logic. A collective must work harder to manage individual desire as it competes against other collectives. And it does this by focusing on values and ideas.



A dream is the liminal space between oblivion and the world. Our dreams draw data from the well of memory. They oil our intellect in unknown ways. They pass through us as rhythms and spaces: as poetry. We meditate on their meaning. They are more than vision. They deliver more than insight. We hear dreams. We hearken to them.


To ‘imagine’ is to project a future image.

Currently, in this 'conjuncture', our imagination has been stunted by neoliberal capitalism. The privileging of competition, opportunism and greed have retarded and stagnated culture.

The internet, our supposed collective imagination, is a corporate fantasy. One that is controlled by an agglomeration and conglomeration of for-profit companies based in Silicon Valley.

So, to reimagine is to start anew; aware of the insidious creep of market logic.


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