Consultancy and services

Consultancy and services

InsightOS provide consultancy and project management services. Our aim is to help you with your cultural and strategic 'jobs-to-be-done'.

We have developed the following ways of working:
  • Monthly Subscription: Access exclusive content and enjoy a free one to one chat with our consultancy team, click here to subscribe
  • Innovation Salons and Workshops:  Full or half day sessions immersing you in the latest cultural
  • Project Sprints: 1-5 week problem solving exercises for strategic projects
  • Canvas's, Dossiers and Mood-boards: our unique style of digital research and knowledge management
  • Immersive experiences: entertainment based methods to provoke transformative thinking  
Our domain of capabilities and expertise include:

(View a comprehensive list of our methods by clicking here)

  • System design: build your own culturally charged Insight Operating System
  • Design doing: using design thinking tools and process to make things happen
  • Critical presentations: absorb yourself into urgent cultural messages
  • Leadership training: a program exploring leadership from a cultural, arts and humanities perspective  
  • Insight archives: rapid access to our collective intelligence and ideas via our interlinked knowledge system
  • Partnership ecosystem: join our network that enjoys deep ties with institution and industry
  • Category experience: our expertise includes fashion to fintech; technology and media; cultural industries; diversity and inclusion
  • Professional research: a team trained on the latest ethnographic methods
  • Creative design: unique methodologies to collect, analyse and communicate research
  • Immersive/experiential design: an approach to insight inspired by art and theatre    
  • Cultural strategy and partnerships: developing structural relationships with creators
  • Surveys and statistics: full service approach to quantitative research: fieldwork, design and reporting using the latest tools
  • Semiotics and storytelling: understanding meaning-making processes and myth building
  • International ethnography: capabilities to collect strategic insight about any country


  • Olive Conner
  • Call: 07766801388
  • Email:
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