Evolve your cultural intelligence: start here

Evolve your cultural intelligence: start here

So, what is InsightOS?

We are a new platform supporting the growth of cultural intelligence. We do this by providing advanced, alternative and accessible insight experiences

We are partnered with the London College of Communication, UAL, and an international and diverse network of designers, artists, strategists and writers.

You can think of this as:

  • Educational resource: for improving your insight design and cultural competencies
  • Research archive: a source of new concepts, frameworks and processes
  • Cultural intelligence: a way to interact and collaborate with diverse types of people
  • Advanced thinking: ideas from artists and academics, communicated in clear language
  • Experience provider: immersive and intimate encounters with insight, design and culture
  • Plug-in system: a tool that enhances your existing insight services
  • Ethical collective: diverse, progressive, ethical and like-minded individuals
  • Responsible organisation: pushing for a more equitable and authentic consulting model

How do I navigate?

You can scroll through the main content feed on the homepage and find something you like. Or you can use the navigation menu to explore our 'collections' of content

If you click on the top left ''+" symbol you will open up the navigation menu. Here you can explore our 'collections' of content. The below shows you where this is on both a desktop and a mobile:

Here are some of our popular links:

What's your ideology?

An ideology is a set of ideas that propel action. Some organisations might call them 'values' or 'truths'. Ours? We provide alternative, independent insight:

Here's a quote from Gramsci, a revolutionary thinker who was thrown into prison by the Fascists. He called for the following mindset:

'Pessimism of the intellect but optimism of the will' - Gramsci

This reflects our belief: engage with your fiercest critics, and then progress to a better world.  

So, let's be honest. The commercial world is plagued with pathologies: short termism, toxic workplaces, narcissism, militarised language, nepotism, purpose-washing, to name but a few.

These are problems inherited from the previous century: a patriarchal, colonial, hetero-normative, violent, wasteful, and unequal epoch...

But we trust in the power of insight. We know that there is a new generation of independent thinkers, makers and doers emerging. And we know that they are critical for whatever-comes-next.

So, let's get alternative voices embedded deep within the infrastructures of the organisations that shape our life.

Click here to dive into our cultural canvas

Support independent insight!

A thought leader that we follow is the cyberpunk writer William Gibson. He penned the following insight:

'The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed' - Gibson

The world we operate in - call it insight, design, consultancy, strategy or whatever - needs to reconfigure itself to embrace this dictum.

As such, we are modelling ourselves on pirate radio stations. It's a form of networked individualism. In practical terms, this means distributing research budgets across emerging, eclectic, and niche insight creators. We're promoting the outside and the underground. People, not algorithms.

To get a feel of what we're talking about, check out the NTS radio platform (based in Hackney, East London). Imagine that, but for insight...

What is your business model and what stage are you at?

The platform is at a beta stage, and we're seeking our founding partners. So if you think this is something worth supporting, these are our options:

At the moment, there are the following three ways for you to engage with our services:

1. Low-cost subscription

To subscribe for £15 per month, or £120 per year, click here. This will get you access to the Trello archives and a free one-hour introductory session.

2. Insight Experiences

Check out our ongoing insight experiences, or book an Innovation Salon. These are perfect for injecting cultural thinking into your organisation in immersive, fun and useful ways.

3. Consultancy services

For complex problem solving and sense making, view our service bundles, consultancy services and training modules, click here

What is your roadmap?

Our aim at present is to generate revenue through subscribers or projects. With this we hope to move money across our collaborative relationships. We intend to:

  • Create social profiles and content with a focus on Instagram and Newsletters  
  • Tighten the writing on this website and improve 'technique' recommendations
  • Provide deeper insights into specific areas (fashion, finance etc)
  • Engage with our subscribers to make sure we're staying relevant
  • Plan in-person events and experiences



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