What's going on: Money

What's going on: Money

This is a page about the evolution of financial systems, their impact on the world, and the ways that humans think about money

The anthropology of money

An anthropological lens asks: how might we reform monetary systems to better meet the needs of modern society?

This is about taking the 'long view', and exploring the hundreds of other economic configurations that have existed across time.

Trade seems to be a naturally occurring human activity, but the accumulation of profit is modern (around 300 years old). The current system of capitalism can be explored further on our 'Understanding Capitalism' page  

Promising fintech trajectories

  • Theory and philosophy: how is the relationship between society and money changing?
  • Community development: how is a genuine community strategy designed?
  • Citizen activism: how might a fintech empower progressive and civic change?
  • Educational partnerships: who does a fintech partner with to ensure they adopt proper pedagogical practice?
  • Brand characterisation: how does fintech ideology change the concept of branding?
  • Cultural ecosystem: how does it enter into a relationship with cultural forces?
  • API integrations: what clever systems can be programmed?
  • Membership/subscription benefits: what bundles and content would attract customers?
  • Social media strategy: what type of voice should a financial service practice?  
  • Business model: traditionally, banks made money when people messed up. How might this change?

Digital banking technology features

These are the technical areas that fintech's offer:

  • Card management
  • An onboarding experience
  • Account administration and card freeze
  • Connecting to friends through social media accounts
  • Adding funds to the account
  • Overview of transactions
  • Spend trend analysis (day/week/month etc)
  • Customer support
  • Refer a friend mechanism
  • API integrations
  • Spending taxonomy and tagging
  • Rounding up spend
  • Savings 'pots'
  • Credit and overdraft application
  • Invoicing tools  


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