Thinking through xTopia

Thinking through xTopia

xTopia is the result of four salons and countless conversations about how to evolve that central imaginative tool of designers: 'utopia'

Using the utopia-dystopia spectrum is becoming commonplace in organisations as an exercise in applied imagination. By adding the notopia-untopia axis, we bring in a new dimension.

We're just getting started, bit this is one of our major trajectories. We'll keep members updated whenever we advance our thinking.  

In one of our salons, we mapped different types of spaces - or zones - to the model. Here is one of the outputs:

To help bring the four areas to life, we created some mood boards:

The impersonal neon city and deep blues represent dystopia

Greenery and sustainable transport represent utopia

The white, ordered, neutrality of an airport represents notopia  

Red vibrancy and jazz freedom represent untopia


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